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Forum of the Pure Rangers, a guild of the Eternal Lands mmorpg
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PostSubject: Crafting   Crafting EmptySun 05 Dec 2010, 02:08

Hi all, im working on crafting atm. Im looking to buy silver rings (100 per day) If you can help with this plz pm me. Thx MadMacVI santa
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Posts : 3
Join date : 2010-12-05

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PostSubject: Can do list....   Crafting EmptySun 05 Dec 2010, 03:40

Im sat in a dark cave harv'ing 16k gold ore..... So to kill some time, here a list of what i make....


Leather Gloves

Leather Helm
Iron Helm

Padded Leather Armor
Augmented Leather Armor
Iron Chain Mail
Steel Chain Mail
Titanium Chain Mail

Leather Pants
Augmented Leather Pants

Leather Boots
Iron Greaves

Iron Shield
Steel Shield


Iron Sword
Iron Broad Sword
Iron Axe

Steel Long Sword
Steel Two Edged Sword
Steel Axe

Titanium Short Sword



C1 (Seridia)
Ring of Isla Prima
Ring of Valley of the Dwarves
Ring of Naralik
Ring of White Stone
Ring of Portland
Ring of Desert Pines

C2 (Irilion)
Ring of Anitora
Ring of Idaloran
Ring of Bethel
Ring of Sedicolis
Ring of Palon Vertas
Ring of Kusamura
Ring of Irinveron

Ring of Damage
Ring of Disengagement
Ring of Power (Coming soon)


Unicorn Medallion
Sun Medallion
Moon Medallion
Stars Medallion
Harvester Medallion
Heavenspawn Medallion
Medallion of Life (Coming soon)


Ring Mold
Medallion Mold
Mortar & Pestle
Vial Mold




Potion of Mana
Potion of Minor Healing
Potion of Reasoning
Potion of Physique
Potion of Defense
Potion of Coordination
Potion of Wildness
Potion of Will
Potion of Vitality
Potion of Attack
Potion of Spirit Restoration
Potion of Feasting
Potion of Body Restoration
Potion of Harvesting
Potion of Manufacturing
Potion of Summoning
Potion of Crafting
Yarrow-Wormwood-Tulip Extract

Hmmm..... I think that most of it ;-)

Happy to mix for free to any guild members santa
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