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 Hey guys, I'm out... It's been fun though!

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PostSubject: Hey guys, I'm out... It's been fun though!   Mon 25 Jun 2012, 07:59

Hey guys, it's me!

Ok, most of you all probably don't even know me. I'm a relic from the Ranger days, even though I was the youngest person in the guild.

But I'm 18 now, finally old enough to get into the guild officially! Except I'm already in. And don't play anymore.

Oh well, I'm just here to leave my official resignation from the game, but I don't even know if anyone checks these boards anymore.

I'm out. -Rasere

That's it, I'm done here I guess. But I'll say thanks to a few people.

T - You've always been pretty awesome. Always saw you as like the daddy of the guild, helpin' us perma-noobies out. Thanks for the opportunity!
Phil - (I don't think you play anymore, do you?) The other dad of the guild. I can actually remember going to you for some life advice sometimes. You're great Smile
Oro - the cool older brother, ready to beat up anyone messin with the little guildies.
Foehammer - The good friend. I'm pretty sure we hung out outside of EL in other games, I'm not quite sure? (My gaming memory is quite fuzzy)
Wolf & Stormie - Didn't quite get to know you all too well, by the time the guild entered into the *PR* stage, I was pretty much checked out. but the interactions we had, you always helped Smile

Anyone else I forgot (because I'm sure I forgot a bunch of you), thanks for the good time! You all were my EL family.

You all can get ahold of me pretty easy, it's just my username @gmail.com. Yeah, it has a video chat thing (I think?) so feel free to give me a call, I'm free till I go to Uni this fall Smile

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Hey guys, I'm out... It's been fun though!
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