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 Join Request

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PostSubject: Join Request   Thu 13 Aug 2009, 08:29

I would like to cordially request and invite to join the Rangers. I have been a member of HOLY for at least 1 year, although my extended absence due to RL issues prevented me from any in-depth guild involvement. I am not leaving on bad terms nor am I running away from any problems with other current members of HOLY, I am just seeking a change of scenery as most of the members schedules are far different than that of my own. I want a guild that not only can I be faithful to, but on that will return the faith that I have invested in them. If you need/want any in game references on my behalf feel free to contact the following people in game, although I can not guarantee that they will all remember me due to my rather long absence. LabRat, dragongod, Jezebelle, Sir_Megatron, and Maxine.

My in-game skills are as follows:

Attack - 25
Defense - 25
Harvesting - 34
Alchemy - 28
Magic - 16
Potion - 13
Summoning - 5
Manufacturing - 15
Crafting - 17
Engineering - 7
Tailoring - 0
Ranging - 8 (75XP from 9)
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Join Request
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