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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Thu 06 Aug 2009, 17:18

To join you must be over 18 and show a mature attitude; exceptions to the age limit can be granted with the approval of the Guild Council.

Taking items from bags of other players when they are teleported while harvesting, or eaten by a Grue (lagged out), or when they just move from the bag because of a misclick or of a bagtrade, is called bagjumping. This is NOT ALLOWED.
If a member is reported to be a bagjumper and if the accusation is proved, the sanctions may range from the loss of rank to the expulsion from the guild.

Luring players into PK maps to kill them or sending players into dangerous maps to have them killed by monsters and taking their items is called scamming; also trading items which are not what promised (for example a "damaged steel 2edge sword" instead of a "steel 2edge sword") is scamming. Finally, healing the enemy a player is fighting to make him/her die and take the deathbag is scamming too (doesn't apply to PK fights). This is NOT ALLOWED.
If a member is reported to be a scammer and if the accusation is proved, the sanctions may range from the loss of rank to the expulsion from the guild.

When players die, they can drop some items which end in a bag on the ground, called deathbag (db); since losing items is the penalty for dying, taking a deathbag is not bagjumping and IS ALLOWED (even though the owner of the bag could find it not very nice) and what to do is up to the conscience of the finder.
You must give back the db if the owner is a newbie.
Taking the db of a player after being responsible of his/her death is considered scamming (doesn't include PK).
If you take a deathbag and someone pm you, DON'T log off, answer to the message and be polite: you can also ask a longer standing guild member to take part in the discussion.

When there is an invasion, DON'T go where the fight is just to take the deathbags because it's a lack of respect for people who died to defend you. If you find a deathbag due to the invading monsters, you can keep it only if you don't know the owner and haven't found him/her.

Rule 6: PKING
All members are allowed Passive PK:
- You can defend yourself if attacked
- You can attack guild enemies
- You can attack those who are attacking members, allies and friendlies
- You can never attack people PVP training
Active PK is allowed ONLY after receiving permission from the guild council.
- You can attack other players, but consequences of your actions are under your responsibility (don't jeopardize guild's reputation).
- Summoning creatures in PK maps counts as attacking, since you can't control the creatures.
- Luring players into PK maps to kill them without warning of the danger is considered scamming.
For BOTH pk levels: if you are on a pk map and equipped for a fight, then it is your duty to ALWAYS try to defend a guildie even if it means you risk death in the process (diss rings are your friend); it does not matter if the attacker is a friend or not, your guildies ALWAYS come first!
Pure Rangers do NOT run away when a guildie is in trouble, however you are free to use your judgement as to how much help you can be. Do your best to help your guildies and stay alive yourself in the process.
Attacking harvesters is left to the conscience of each guild member - providing it does not jeopordize the guild's reputation. The guild council reserves the right to overrule the permission to attack if necessary.

Rule 7: SPAWNS
A spawn is defined as a SINGLE monster used for the purpose of training. Even though nobody owns a creature spawn, if someone is already training on a spawn, you can't claim it. This applies to single spawns only: if you arrive to a double spawn where only 1 player is training, then ask which spawn (monster) they want and take the other - if they refuse to share then you can choose one yourself, and never interfer with the other spawn in any way. Advise a council member via #gm or gossip if needs be, and we will fully support you in the event of a dispute. Under NO circumstances must a member claim more than one monster as their own - if there is no one else around and you get 2/3 monsters this a BONUS not a RIGHT.

Rule 8: NO ALTS

Removed after removal of rule 5 - bring as many alts as you like to the party.

Rule 9: ASKING
Always remember there is no such thing as a stupid question... only a stupid answer. We were all newbies once so bear that in mind at all times.

Rule 10: HELP
Guild members should always help each other or help allies when possible (note this doesn't mean you can go whining for free stuff from other members).

Rule 11: YOUR WORD
Your word is like gold to us so always tell the truth and we will always take your word over that of non-guildies; remember you must always keep the word freely given.

Offensive or discriminitory comments in any channel, area or pm, are not acceptable.

Rule 13: EL RULES
You must obey the Eternal Lands rules, violating EL rules could result in you being kicked from the guild.
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Guild Rules
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