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 Tag Rules

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PostSubject: Tag Rules   Sun 12 Jun 2016, 15:43

We have the odd tradition of breaking out a game of tag now and then. So to make things easier I will post the rules here for everyone then there is no arguing over a legal tag etc:

The person who is "it" will carry a wooden handle.

The person who is "it" MUST say hi in #GM when they log on.

The person who is "it" does NOT have to tell people who is it when people ask in #gm but other guildies can provide that info if they wish.

The aim is to find and tag other guild members. All guild mates are eligible to be tagged - even visitors, if they have a *PR* tag they are fair game.

To Tag someone, simply trade them. The guildie then MUST take the stick and announce in #GM they were tagged. The only exceptions to this are:

If a Player has said hi (name or nickname of person who is "it") before the trade - that means you are safe and they must move on. However once they change map (even if its going inside a house or a store) they are fair game. This means you can plan your strategy to grab them quick if you know where they are!

If a player is AFK AND has their afk message ON. No...oh I forgot to activate it..no dice - no afk message then you take the handle when you get back. (You MUST be actually afk, no putting your message on and continuing chatting mixing etc thats not fair)

In a PK map - you are safe from tag here you have bigger things to worry about!

No tag back, if a player tagged you then they are safe from you tagging them for 24 hours. You are responsible for being honest and keeping track of this.

At a guild Project or at mass guild meetings- we are there for the raffle usually so no tag there please.

All tags are fair providing the above rules are observed. Invisibility and Speed hax ARE allowed!


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Tag Rules
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