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 If I may

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PostSubject: If I may   Thu 05 Nov 2015, 15:56

So, I'm Rags and the name is not a coincidence... I would like to be somebody who can solo all normal creatures in the game (eg get Vanquisher without help) but do so, wearing well... rags (ok, aug leather qualifies). Ranging is not an very viable option, due to its high cost and high gear cost (elven bow + AP potion it's 1 mil gc before even starting, and anyway elven bow is not very rag-like). A/D again requires costly gear and a lot of grinding, so it's only magic and a bit of engineering (for dragons). Going well so far, up to the WS Grizzly in Novac, got one but apparently not the right one. As far as levels go, I'm currently 41 a/d, 29 magic, 23 summon, 25 engineering and so on.

Looking forward to joining you!

Disclosure: I'm the creator of Teotwawki, but don't have him anymore and I'm not behind any mischief that he has done in the past couple of years or so.
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If I may
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